I forgot my password. Is there a way to retrieve my password information from the site?

Yes. On the Login Screen, there is a link labeled ‘Forgot your Password?’. Click on that. On the next screen, either enter your name as if appears in the profile or enter your email address as it appears in the profile. NOTE: The ‘Forgot my Password’ function will not work unless you have a valid email address listed in your User Profile.

I would rather not login every time I come to the site. Can't I save my password?

Yes you can! Simply check the box labeled ‘Remember Login Info?’ on the login screen, and the web site will store a cookie on your computer. Every time you click Login, the web site will automatically log you in; however, you will still need to enter your login information if you visit the web site on a different computer. NOTE: We highly recommend that you DO NOT save your login information if you are accessing the web site on a public computer.

The web site automatically logs me in every time I click Login. How can I get the login screen back?

You need to discard the login cookie on your machine. To do so, log in and click ‘User Profile’. Check the box labeled ‘Discard Remember Login Info’, and click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.

How do I log off the web site?

You can log off by clicking on the Public Home link. This will end your private session. Your login will also time out after 15 minutes of inactivity on the web site.

How do I add my picture/information so it shows up when people click on my name in the message board?

Click on the ‘User Profile’ link on the menu. On this page, you may enter as much or as little information as you wish to share about yourself. When you are done, click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.

How do I hide my personal information so other residents cannot see it when they click on my profile?

Much of the information in the User Profile can simply be deleted. However, certain information is uploaded from the accounting software based on official records for your property, and will reset itself whenever your account record is updated. This information can be hidden from other logged in residents by checking the appropriate ‘Hide from Address Book’ checkmark. Remember to click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page when you have made all of the desired changes to your profile.

How can I change the user profile/login so the web site knows I am Resident 2, not Resident 1?

When you first log in, you should see the welcome text at the top of the resident home page. (Welcome Lance, click here if you are Mary). This welcome text indicates which user profile is currently active. To switch profiles, simply click the link next to your name.

Can I reserve the community park for an event?

Yes, with some caveats.  The parks cannot be reserved for your exclusive use and the activities you may conduct in the park must follow the published rules.  (For example, no use of fireworks).  Other residents may still enjoy the park while your group is using it.  If you are planning an event in one of the association’s parks, please fill out the Park Reservation Form which can be found in the Dashboard under the Documents tab (see Forms).  Once the form is filled out, submit to management in advance of your event.  Park reservations require approval by the association’s board of directors.

What are the restrictions for parking on the street?

The Town of Parker owns our streets and manages any parking violations.  If you have concerns about a parking situation, please contact the Parker Police Department or the Town of Parker for assistance.

Can I store my motorhome or camper in my driveway?

No. Recreational vehicles can’t be stored at our homes, unless they are in an enclosed garage.  However, they can be on your property for up to 24 hours while you are loading or unloading in preparation for a trip.  For information about restrictions on parking recreational vehicles on the street, please refer to the Town of Parker’s website.

My neighbor's dog is barking a lot or otherwise being a nuisance. What can the association do?

The association doesn’t have jurisdiction over pets.  We suggest that you try talking to your neighbors about the situation first, but if that does not resolve your concerns, please contact the Parker Police Department’s Animal Control Division for assistance.  Parker has regulations about noise nuisances and pets running at large, and they will work with the pet’s owner to resolve the situation.   For lost or found pets running loose in the neighborhood, you can also contact Animal Control.  They will hold the found pet at the Parker Police Department for a period of time while trying to unite it with its owner.  After that time, found pets are transported to the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock.

There is wildlife coming into my yard. What should I do?

Living in Colorado, especially nearby to open or natural spaces, means learning to live alongside wildlife.  The association cannot help with wildlife issues except to provide the following advice.

Please protect your pets by never leaving cats or small to medium size dogs outdoors unattended, even for a few minutes.  In the past, our neighborhood has had problems with coyote attacks on family pets due to a pack living in the open space along Newlin Gulch.  During breeding season or when food is scarce, even larger dogs may be at risk.  Coyotes are common in our neighborhood, as are raccoons, garter and bull snakes, deer, and other animals that typically do not pose a hazard to humans.  Sightings of other animals such as moose, poisonous snakes, mountain lions and bears are rare but could happen (and do in other parts of Parker).  If the wildlife in or near your yard poses a safety hazard, please move your family and pets indoors to safety and contact Parker Police Department’s Animal Control Division for assistance.  They will manage the situation and contact the Colorado Department of Wildlife if their help is needed.


How can I get information emailed to me?

Our web site contains a feature called Email Bulletins, which allow us to send periodic emails of interest to community members. By signing up for an Email Bulletin group, you can automatically receive important announcements, news, and information about our community in your email inbox. Email Bulletins let you know what is going on, and give you the option to visit the web site to read more. To sign up for Email Bulletins, click the Email Bulletins menu link and follow the prompts.

I would like to have my information completely removed from the web site, but I still want to get important emails that are sent out to the community. Is that possible?

If you do not wish to have access to the web site, but would still like to take advantage of periodic updates, please contact the web site administrator under the ‘Requests and Questions’ feature, and ask to have your ‘account hide’ parameter changed to allow this. If you prefer to be removed completely from the web site, with no access or emails, you may instead ask for your account to be disabled.

Can my house be the same color as my neighbor?

No, it can’t be the exact same or very similar color to your neighbors.  Neighbors are defined as the two houses on either side of your and the two homes directly across the street from you.

For additional information about architectural guidelines, please refer to the Design Guidelines and Homeowner Handbook.

Do I have to paint color swatches on my house?

As long as you are selecting a color scheme from the approved book, you no longer need to paint color swatches on your house.

How can I get contact information on a board member or other resident?

You may access the address book to get contact information on the community officers, the management company, or other residents. To use the address book, click address book from the sidebar. Next, click the category that contains the individual you are searching for, and then select their name from the list that follows. Alternatively, you can search for an individual in the address book by clicking Find a Neighbor – Click here to Search the Address Book. In the search form that subsequently comes up, type in any information you know about that individual. For example, if you know your neighbor’s first name only, you may type that in the first name field, then click search. Any individual having that first name will appear in the search results.

What colors can I paint my house?

The association worked with a professional designer in 2022 to create a palette of colors appropriate to our community and in line with current trends.  Please select a color scheme from the color palette provided on the website and indicate in your request the color scheme that you have selected.

How long does approval take?

The association has 30 days from the time that all information is received to approve or deny our request.  We try to approve requests as quickly as possible, however, you may want to plan for the approval to take the full 30 days just in case.

How do I submit a Design Review Request (DRR)?

For fastest approval, please submit your DRR via Smartwebs by selecting Design Review Request Form from the menu bar on the website landing page.  The management company is notified automatically when you complete your submission and will review it for completeness before forwarding it on for approval.  If you are unable to use the online form via the website, please contact the management company at (303) 985-9623 or via email at tmmc@tmmccares.com for assistance in submitting a paper request form via email.

When do I need to submit a Design Review Request?

Our covenants require that a Design Review Request be submitted prior to making any exterior modification or change to your property.  This includes changes to landscaping, paint, new structures, etc.  Please note that you may also need to submit a request to the Town of Parker for a building permit depending on the nature of your project.